2016 Race Results

Race Timing Results are available by clicking the link below, from 2014 printable certificates are available online by clicking on your results.


Event photographs, if available, can be found by clicking on the corresponding link or they are available in your certificate.

MAD Dash Race 1 11 Dec 2016LinkSee Results
Tewkesbury RC Guy Fawkes 5m 06 Nov 2016Link 
RARE 5/10k 09 Oct 2016LinkSee Results
MAD Enduro Round 3 09 Oct 2016LinkSee Results
FOD Autumn Half Marathon 25 Sep 2016LinkSee Results
FOD Autumn 5k Run 25 Sep 2016LinkSee Results
Pangborne 10k 11 Sep 2016Link 
FOD Twilight Enduro 09 Sep 2016Link 
XMAN Tri the Beast 04 Sep 2016LinkSee Results
XMAN Tri the Goat 03 Sep 2016LinkSee Results
Harwell Half Marathon 29 Aug 2016Link 
MAD Enduro Round 2 21 Aug 2016Link 
Bredons Hardwick Sprint Triathlon 14 Aug 2016LinkSee Results
Dinton Pastures 5/10k Race 4 11 Aug 2016LinkSee Results
XMAN XXX 31 Jul 2016Link 
Monmouth Aquathlon 24 Jul 2016Link 
Dinton Pastures 5/10k Race 3 14 Jul 2016Link 
Clevedon Triathlon 03 Jul 2016Link 
Wasing Park 5/10k Run 19 Jun 2016Link 
Dinton Kids Triathlon 18 Jun 2016Link 
South Hams Triathlon 12 Jun 2016Link 
Dinton Pastures 5/10k Race 2 9 Jun 2016Link 
Tri Team Glos Sprint Triathlon 29 May 2016Link 
Needles XC Half Marathon 29 May 2016Link 
Binfield 10k 22 May 2016Link 
Tri Team Glos Youth Triathlon 22 May 2016Link 
Dinton Pastures 5/10k Race 1 12 May 2016Link 
Tewkesbury Triathlon 8 May 2016LinkSee Results
Woodley 10k 8 May 2016Link 
MAD Enduro Round 1 17 Apr 2016Link 
Treehouse 10k 17 Apr 2016Link 
Dinton Duathlon 10 Apr 2016LinkSee Results
Cotswold Spring Classic Sportive 28 Mar 2016Link 
Dinton Kids Duathlon 25 Mar 2016LinkSee Results
FOD Spring Trails Half Marathon 20 Mar 2016Link 
MAD Dash in the Park Race 4 13 Mar 2016LinkPhotos
MAD Dash in the Park Race 3 07 Feb 2016LinkPhotos
BUCS Cross Country Championships 06 Feb 2016Link 
Performance Cycles Mini Sportive 17 Jan 2016Link 
MAD Dash in the Park Race 2 10 Jan 2016LinkPhotos