Race Tracking

Live Race Tracking & Racemap

We can provide live race tracking during your event using Active Transponders, Passive Chips or GPS (Mobile Phone App or GPS Device) and multiple live tracking points on course to provide near real-time location information and split points on course.  We can augment both with accurate start, finish and split points with timing points as required.

Live Predictive Tracking

Using Active transponders or passive chips we can deploy remote timing points on your course as you require. The live data can be used to give you near real-time splits and track your competitors during the race. You can track multiple or single contests as required. This data can then be pushed to Racemap to provide predictive tracking.

Click the image below to see a multi course running race tracked in near real time.

Racemap – Live GPS Tracking

Alternatively, you can use the competitors Mobile Phone using a free App to track via GSM & GPS live positional data and on course splits (or a dedicated GPS device).  This is great for Sportives and Ultra events where you want to track the actual location of competitors and also safety vehicles or event staff, not just for timing but also safety.  This can also be augmented with accurate timing points as required.

Click the image below to see a multi course Sportive using Racemap tracking.

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