Road Cycling

Road Cycling events we support are Sportive on Road or Cyclocross/Gravel, Road Racing and Time Trials.

We can provide live timing services for road cycling, be it mass participation Sportive format or smaller specialised race formats including time trials.


We can provide you a basic completion time for all competitors for any number of riders.  You can run multiple courses on different routes, setting off competitors as you require.  Depending on your budget we can provide live on course checkpoints to help you manage your event so you know where your riders are on the course.  We can also provide timed stages on course to add to the challenge for the competitors (for example this may be a timed hill climb).  As the riders approach the finish line you can also use our commentator services to announce to spectators and riders alike who is approaching the finish line. All these services can be provided live on the internet, accessible by your Event Team, Competitors and Spectators alike.

Road Racing

For the challenge of Road Racing we can provide live finish line results with Gap Times using our high speed transponder solution, no mats just thin wire antennas on the road.  During the race we can also support KOM or Sprint sections, again these can be provided live during the race and accessible to your Event Team and the Race Director in an on course vehicle.  We can also provide team results and points calculations live on the internet.

CLICK HERE to see example race.