Running Event Types Supported

Whether your requirement is small or large, Lapped Races, Cross Country, multiple formats, fun run, club run or charity event we can scale our solution accordingly.

We can provide live timing services for your running event. We support races from 200 to thousands of runners and have different solutions that are tailored to your budget and requirements.

The Services we offer are summarised below: 

Managing your Costs

For events up to 600 runners you can use our reusable ankle transponders to reduce your costs.  For competitor numbers over 600 you will have to use race bibs with integrated chips.

Gun & Chip Time

For Cross Country events we can provide gun time only with rounding up to the nearest second. For other running events we provide chip and gun time which includes average pace for each competitor.

Lapped Races

For Cross Country Races or events that have competitions over multiple laps we can provide live lap times.

Leader Boards

We can provide a LIVE leader board for events that are either laps or have on course split times. If your event is just a single course we can deploy split timing points that can update the Leader Board live with split times and positions.

Commentator Information

We provide a pre-finish timing point that links to a commentator tablet/laptop to provide near real-time information on who is approaching the finish or lap mat. This feature is really appreciated by competitors and spectators alike and adds a great experience to your event. 

Email & SMS

We can provide your competitors with email and SMS (Text) results as they cross the finish line.  Note that our results are always published live on the internet for competitors and spectators to access during the event. 

Finish Line Results

Live results are provided at the finish line on large monitors. We can provide printed results in docket or certificate format at the finish.  As the Race Director you will be provided with Live results to allow you to do timely presentations to race winners and age group winners.

CLICK HERE to see an example large race format.

CLICK HERE to see a small volume multi-race, multi-lap race format.


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