Live Timing

Live Timing Services

Our Chip Timing solutions provide you with near real-time, published on-line, lap times, split times and results as they happen during your event.  Using Mobile Data and Wi-Fi we communicate with all the chip timing points for your event and publish them live on our local network and at the same time on to the internet.  This gives you more information to manage and control your race as the Event Organiser.  It also provides a much-enhanced experience for your competitors who can access all their split times and positions as they finish.  Spectators can also follow your event on their mobile devices, watch our live presentation screens in the finish area or listen to live commentary.


Leader Boards

We can provide a LIVE leader board for events that are either laps or have on course split times.  If your event is just a single course, we can deploy split timing points that can update the Leader Board live with split times and positions.


Presenter Service

These display all the Timing data to support your event, again in real-time.  For a Triathlon this maybe all the Split Times and positions for each competitor as the race progresses.  Again, this is provided live during the Race and in addition to our screens and other devices, is available on the internet or on any other devices you may wish to use as the Race Organiser.

Lap Counting & Splits

Many events have laps so we offer a lap counting service that includes split times.  This reduces the need for marshals supporting lap counting duties and gives the competitors confidence that all laps are recorded fairly.  On course splits can also be placed out on bike or run courses to monitor in real-time where competitors are and also provide on course split times.

Commentator Service

By deploying an extra Timing Mat prior to either a Lap Mat or the Finish Mat we can provide you a Commentator view of who is approaching a particular timing point anytime in the event.  We can provide this information to you displayed on a Wi-Fi Tablet or any other Laptop you may wish to connect.  With the Commentator View we can display any data you provide about the Competitor; for example, their Club Name, their Charity or maybe the Event Day is their Birthday.

THIS INFORMATION is available to you in the Commentator View BEFORE they cross the Lap Mat or Finish Mat.  The Commentator tablet can also view all other timing and result data.

Email & SMS

We can provide your competitors with email and SMS (Text) results as they cross the finish line.  Note that our results are always published live on the internet for competitors and spectators to access during the event.

Finish Line services

Live results are provided at the finish line on large monitors.  We can provide printed results in docket or certificate format at the finish.  As the Race Director you will be provided with Live results to allow you to do timely presentations to race winners and age group winners.

Live Results

Leader Board, split times, gap times, stage times are published live on the internet for all spectators to view.  The results include gap times, average pace and any other timing data you require.  Personalised certificates are also available online for each competitor.

Race Tracking

For live GPS or predictive tracking services using Racemap see this link.

Your results on your website

We can provide you with the code to embed your online registration, list of participants and results on your website.  Keeping your competitors on your website.  See the below example.